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CRB Construction are an established specialist commercial and industrial builders based in Isfield Near Uckfield

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CRB Construction has over thirty years of experience in the design and construction of industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings. With the decline of the agricultural market, CRB Construction realised that there was a requirement for designing and building steel framed industrial storage, warehouse and office buildings. There are very few building contractors in the South East of England who are able to offer the specialist service which has allowed CRB Construction to develop their expertise, putting them at the forefront of steel frame design and build.

Current strategy

The business is finding itself doing industrial estates  of varying sizes in East and West Sussex . (We currently keep things close to home so as to be cost effective although this is currently under review) We are getting more and more enquiries and orders in this area. We are gearing up the business to handle this increased volume of larger work , as well as maintaining the constant demand for individual steel framed structures that have been ,and are, the life blood of the business.

Small works division

This is a very important part of our operation as it is a reflection of how we started , and it is often the seed corn for larger works. We also offer a full repair and maintenance service for industrial buildings of our own build ,and build by others. We have a dedicated team for this  part of our work. Often we find small orders yield large orders, sometimes years in the future.

After sales service

Once we have completed and handed over, we do not disappear. If there are problems or additions/changes required then we are there, dealing with it. No arguments, no delays.


This is probably the most important part of our business. We communicate properly to ensure there are no secrets and make sure the clients get what they want. This is done at all levels from site supervisor to the owner of the business.

CRB Construction’s


Why we are unique?

We are able to offer engineering and architect design, soil reports, planning, ground works, steel frame and cladding, windows and doors and interior fit out under one roof. As far as we can tell this is unique to us. It makes for a very smooth and high quality job. It also means our pricing is very reasonable because we are not paying for the overheads of sub contractors.

What do we do?

CRB now produce a wide range of commercial buildings from the very small to the very large, and multiples of units.

How we get our business?

We rarely do competitive tendering. We do not need to. Our business comes from recommendation and repeat business from clients we have worked for in the past. We tend to be selective with whom we work , preferring like minded people if possible.

How did we start?

CRB was started some 60 years ago and was primarily involved in the manufacture and construction  of agricultural buildings.

What we need from you

Before we commence a job we want to be able to present the client with an accurate cost that is not full of provisional sums and question marks. To do this we need as much design information as possible from them, or the agreement that we deal with this side of the equation.

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